About the English Theatre Club

Since 2004, the English Theatre Club has launched an acting ensemble of international actors and experienced teachers, which produces plays and puppet shows for children of all ages.

 Our interactive theatre approach encourages audience participation with everybody joining in the singing, chanting and cheering.

The plays are written according to three levels:

Advanced level recent productions: “Diamonds“(2019-20),  “Love versus Hate” (2018-19),  Plaza Suite”, “To be or not to be”, “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Crypt”.

Intermediate level: “Charlie” (2019-21), “Robin Hood” (2018-19), “The Emperor” (2017-18),  The Princess and the Pea”, “Τhe Cambridge Art Gallery”,“Surprise Party”.

Elementary level:   “Snow White” (2019-2020), “Jack and the Beanstalk” (2018-2019),  “The Little Mermaid” (2017-2018), “Cinderella“, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “Beauty and the Beast”.

Theatre lessons

The English Theatre Club came to be in  1990 as a theatrical workshop for teaching English through Drama and has since performed very many  plays in theatres, parks and schools.

The children/teenagers that take part in these performances, thoroughly enjoy themselves whilst learning to speak a foreign language with gusto and having fun.

Teachers have noted how important this theatrical experience is for their educational work, while parents and children have been happily surprised to see that they can have fun watching an English speaking play and have been enthused by all our performances.

* * *

In the following video (courtesy of athensliving.net) you can see clips from “Dangerous Dining” and listen to Tessa Clark speaking about the play and English Theatre Club.