What’s on in

Dear friends and colleagues!

September 2021

We’re Back!

Happy Academic year!

We’re always available, in these difficult times, to offer quality educational theatre in English.

The English Theatre Club is well known for its educational activity. We firmly believe that a theatrical approach to language learning is much more enjoyable as well as effective for students of all levels.

 The English Theatre Club team have prepared two shows which can be attended either live,

  • Heeding all mandatory health precautions
  • Possibly aiming at smaller audiences
  • Communicating with municipalities for use of larger auditoriums
  • Weather permitting we can play outdoors in parks and squares


Or through digital presentation, if needs be.

We are ready for all eventualities!

 We have prepared two shows for the beginning of this year:

  1. “Charlie” the “poet the tramp and the gentleman” for the older students.
  2. “Little Red Riding Hood” the all time fairy tale classic for the younger ones.

Wishing you a happy and creative school year, keep up the good work!

We are at your side and on your side.

Thanking you,

Tessa Clark and the English Theatre Club Team!

Little Red Riding Hood