Who is who

Tessa Clark

Born in Canada, studied English Literature at Athens University, MA Linguistics UCL London and theatre studies with Dimitris Potamitis and David Allan. Founded the children’s English Theatre Club where English is taught through Drama and now directs the English Theatre Club acting company.

Anne Marie O' Sullivan:

Writer, actress and director ("In the Midst of Plenty" ) and founder at Enchanted Croi Theatre.Studied at Bretton Hall, West Yorkshire. ANNE MARIE has adorned many an english theatre club production, (SNOW WHITE, LITTLE MERMAID,THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES and more) as the Irish life and soul of our company.This year she has written, crafted and directed the delightful "Hans and Gretel" puppet show.

Abe Cohen

My name is Abe Cohen and I am a graduate of the New York Film Academy conservatory program in Los Angeles California. I am a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and the HAU (Hellenic Actors Union). I worked professionally in Los Angeles before coming back to Europe. My credits include season 4 of The Last Ship where I did 7 episodes as a co-star and ADR directed by Paul Holahan. Additionally, I was cast as David Revah in the film Cloudy Sunday which won 3 Greek academy awards and was directed by Mr. Manousos Manousakis. I speak English, French and Greek fluently.

Ian Robertson

Co founder of the English theatre club, writer and most brilliant actor, in film and theatre, a Trinity college Dublin chap, has recently been adored in Little Red Riding Hood", "Love versus Hate","Sherlock Holmes and the Crypt"and many other shows.

Thanos Krommydas

Thanos Krommydas was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and Los Angeles. After finishing his studies, he joined AADA Company in Los Angeles and with them he performed in many different plays. He also worked as a performer at the Universal Studios in Hollywood and participated in two short films as well. Lastly, while being in Los Angeles he studied and practiced Reiki healing and also got his personal training certification.

Mercia Lamb

Often director and always choreographer – from beginning to today, is Mercia Lamb whose dances have marked each play indelibly.

Giannis Digenakis

General Manager of the English Theatre Club.
Born in Greece, studied in UK Business Studies at Middlesex University & MA international Economics at London Metropolitan University. Other studies include:Musical theatre in Artsed educational school in London & Acting at Iasmos drama school in Athens. Acting experience is focused on children s theatre. Prior experience: Advertising manager on media (Ant1, 24Media).

Eleni Gkioura

Eleni Gkioura has graduated from 'Vasilis Diamantopoulos Contemporary Theatre, Higher Drama School' in Thessaloniki. She has also studied Physical Theatre for two years in Athens. She joined the English Theatre Club in 2020 and is currently stealing the heart of "Harold" in this year's production of "Princess and the Pea". Excellent as "little red riding hood" obviously, Cinderello's rough brother and many more parts.