Little Red Riding

Little Red Riding Hood shouldn’t be going into the wet wild woods alone.

Mr. Wolf can be dangerously charming. He’s going to trick poor Grandma and put her in the cupboard. But not Little red! She’s going to put things right. Will she forgive Wolfie in the end?

You tell us!

Lady Macbeth's Dinner Party

Enjoy a journey into the world of transformation through surprising twists and turns, where both Ophelia and  Lady Macbeth  will appear before us.

However, unexpectedly fiction merges into reality when an actress took on leading parts in Shakespeare’s plays.


If ever there was a good story about bullying the Cinderella story takes the cake.Innocent, sweet, obliging Cinderello is taunted by his horrid sisters. Only they get to dress up and go to the ball! But a magic visit will change everything.

Cinderello you are our hero!


The Twelfth Night

According to the traditional Christian calendar, tonight marks ”Twelfth Night”...