Hansel & Gretel

Yes, the Candy house is ready. Anne Marie o’Sullivan’s beautifully written and crafted puppet production is on its way! Our witch is magic, but the cat will outwit her and the children are saved!


This is the famous “Cinderella” story, starring a young man who shares the plight of the unfortunate, or rather fortunate
We promise you the two ugly sisters make sure his life is unbearable.

Lady Macbeth's Dinner Party

An actress who lives on her own with her butler goes back to the times when she took on leading parts in Shakespeare’s plays.
However, unexpectedly fiction will merge into reality.
Enjoy a journey into the world of transformation!

We are back!



Happy Creative year!

Dear colleagues,

This year we have shared moving moments as we prepared the plays for the children who have missed live theatre for so long!

The process has made us feel human once again and we sincerely hope that you will appreciate true entertainment in our format of educational theatre.

We are happy to put smiles onto children and teachers’ faces.

Also, we would like to thank the schools that supported our productions last year, despite all the health restriction difficulties, whether indoors or outdoors in parks and squares.

This year the English Theatre Club have prepared three wonderful shows for each level, beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

1 Juniors “Hansel & Gretel”: A fun musical version of the tale, where children dance, sing and play with the actors.

2 Intermediate “Cinderello”: This is a hilarious adaptation of the classic fairy tale, starring a young boy who undergoes
unbearable injustice and is redeemed.

3 Advanced “Lady Macbeth’s dinner party”: Enjoy a journey into the world Shakespeare through surprising twists and turns.

Wishing you a happy and successful school year, keep up the good work!

We are here to make you laugh again!

Scripts and vocabulary work available for student preparation.

Thanking you,
Tessa Clark and the ETC Team!

Bookings: 2109612777, 6989858991, 6945751770.


The Twelfth Night

According to the traditional Christian calendar, tonight marks ”Twelfth Night”...